The great quest has begun: Van Gaal, Ten Hag, Conte… or still Lo?

Reporter Seuss Van Cleef loves these names, too. According to her, the FA should think a lot more about the long-term. Three to five year plan. “The focus in KNVB is again on some kind of Coman, while they have to look at what they want themselves. You can also appoint Louis van Gaal for the World Cup and then go after the names that are still associated with the club.”

Balls and passion

Since Tin Hag does not seem possible according to commentator Arnaud Vermeulen, he calls Louis van Gaal. “You want someone who has the balls and passion.” The 69-year-old coach also appeared in the photo after the departure of Ronald Koeman, but the selection reportedly did not like it. According to Vermeulen, “players lost their wildcard.”

Analyst Leon Stentler agrees. “Boys shouldn’t get their way too much.” Henk Fraser is mentioned as a striking name. According to her, the coach of Sparta comes across convincingly and exudes authority.

This is also important for KNVB. Nico Jan Hogma, KNVB’s Best Football Manager, referred on Tuesday to the “halo” that was swirling around Ronald Koeman. “Unfortunate formulation,” commentator Jeroen Elshoff calls it. It makes the search for a new national coach even more difficult. On the basis of these words, Elshoff ends in Van Gaal.

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