The Greek Crown Prince also talks about Trump | entertainment

King Constantine wrote in a message on Instagram: “I don’t usually make political statements here, but the 25th Amendment was made to what we saw today in Washington, DC. The president has insulted the highest office and the democracy he represents.” Wife Marie-Chantal Pavlos supported by spreading the message as well. The couple together have 248,000 followers.

The Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution permits the removal of a president from office. The vice president and cabinet members may decide that their leader is no longer able to perform his duties. They should then send a written statement to leaders of Congress. Pence would then become acting president until Joe Biden took office on January 20.

Crown Prince Pavlos was not the only member of the non-ruling royal family that responded to the Trump supporters’ storming of the Capitol. This is not America, this is madness of a president! Emmanuel Filiberto, the Italian protester to the throne, wrote on Instagram that Trump was immediately fired and sacked. The Prince of Venice also lives and works most of the year in the United States, where he owns restaurants, among other things.

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