The Greek track loses to Alcaraz, who could become number one again this week

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The Greek track makes it difficult for Alcaraz to get a group at the Indian Wells masters

The path of the Greek Talon was not able to match Carlos Alcaraz, who hopes that after this week he will be able to call himself the best tennis player in the world again. The Spaniard screamed after winning the Greek Arena 7-6 (4), 6-3 at the Indian Wells Masters.

It was the 100th win on the ATP Tour for Alcaraz, who was still young at only nineteen years old.

At the top of the world rankings, there is some change between Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic. The latter still seems to be the best, but misses a lot of tournaments due to visa issues. Nor did he enter the United States without being vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Alcaraz has become the new number one, but recently it has lost this status again after an absence due to a thigh injury. In recent weeks he has been in pain again.

After, among other things, the final victory on the Buenos Aires pebbles, winning the tournament in Indian Wells would be enough to rest Djokovic again. The Greek track could not prevent Alcaraz from advancing to the eighth finals.

The Greek track continues to fight

The Greek track missed two opportunities to break. And at match point, he hit his first ace of the game later in the set, and the ball bounced back to 0-30 when Alcaraz fielded for the game.

However, he was shown to be able to pick up the pace at key moments, becoming the last Dutchman remaining after Arantxa Roos (in the first round of the women’s championship) and Bouttek van de Zandsholb (retired in the second round). in singles) after three rounds out.


Van de Zandschulp has a second shot at the Masters in Miami next week. The Greek track lets the second half of “Sunshine Double” go. He wants to give his body a rest and then focus on the clay court season.

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