The hares must restore populations in the dunes of North Holland

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Hares will soon be released into the dunes of Castricum. PWN Director of Nature Forests hopes to restore populations with this.

A series of viruses have killed rabbits dramatically in recent decades. As a result, the animals have now almost disappeared from the dunes, despite their importance to the area.

Although new animals (grazing cattle) have been introduced to the dune area, rabbits are sorely lacking. Animals have unique qualities. “The hare is important in the first area behind the sea sector,” explains forest ranger Veronique van Meurs. NH News.

“There is very poor in nutrients and the vegetation is sparse, but the rabbit can live on it. And then it creates a new habitat for other plants and animals.”

60 percent live

The rabbits used for restocking are wild rabbits that were previously brought to a shelter site. To get them used to the dune area, two special cages have been placed there. Now they still get food there, but soon they will have to harvest it themselves. Similar experiments in France showed that 60 percent of rabbits survived the test.

Watch the rabbits explore their new environment from the coop here:

The bunnies return to the dunes

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