The Health Benefits of Kids Biking to School

In modern society, children and teens spend an unnatural amount of time sitting and remaining relatively stationary. When getting to school requires further sitting on buses or cars, kids can develop conditions more typically associated with adults, like depression, anxiety, and poor physical fitness. Increasingly, parents have begun to let kids bike to school, allowing them to use up excess energy stores. Here’s why you should let your kid take his or her 3 speed bike to school in the morning.

Lower Stress and Anxiety

Just because kids have a harder time expressing their feelings doesn’t mean they don’t have the same struggles with anxiety and depression that adults do. Biking to school can provide children and adolescents with a significant mood boost, reducing tension and improving focus. You may even find that they have an easier time paying in class once all that pent-up energy is gone.

Adults sometimes fail to remember how difficult it was being a kid. Social pressure, exams, and rigorous schedules all add up to create a highly stressful environment. Exercise can help them cope.

Better Immune Protection

Schools are among the worst breeding grounds in society for transmissible illnesses. Reputable studies reliably find that children who exercise more frequently develop better immune defenses than those who don’t. Combined with a healthy diet, biking can keep you and your kids away from the doctor. These days, immune defense is more important than ever.


Whether your kids participate in sports or not, exercise is an invaluable part of life. Active adults live longer, happier lives. Good exercise habits, however, often begin in childhood. It is much easier to encourage healthy behavior in kids than it is in adults who have already strayed from healthy choices.

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It is important to note that kids often have a hard time riding road bikes designed for extreme speed, as they can be uncomfortable and difficult to use. When equipping your child, opt for a classic commuting style. A sixthreezero evry journey, for example, has comfortable seating for safe and casual commutes.

Better Sleep

Many children struggle to sleep at night. This has long concerned health researchers, as it seems to stem from the relatively immutable conditions children face at school, such as early arrival times, high homework expectations, and physical inactivity. Children who bike to school may find it easier to sleep at night, as even relatively moderate exercise is often sufficient to induce fatigue at night. Further, young people who spend more time outdoors are likely to have more reliable circadian rhythms.

Being a kid is tough and the support you provide your children in their developmental years is among the most important support they will receive in their lives. Society isn’t always designed with childrens’ health in mind, but as a parent, providing healthy food, exercise, and emotional assistance are your key responsibilities. While there is no single best bike for school students, allowing your kids to bike to school is among the best things you can do for their health.



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