The highly acclaimed horror movie “Relic” can be seen on Netflix starting today

There is great enthusiasm for horror films throughout the year and Netflix is ​​eager to respond. There is no shortage of new horror shows, which is also evident from the fact that it is coming soon remains It will be added. The Australian horror movie has a terrific 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and can be watched on Netflix starting today.

remains It is a horror movie of 2020 that also premiered in the United States. However, the cinemas closed soon after, so the film had yet to reach the general public. In order to achieve the movie’s deserved success according to critics, the title was chosen by Netflix. As of today, the sinister film is in the streaming service, also known as “Slow Terror Burning”. So the film should not be concerned with the moments of shock, but above all with the frightening atmosphere and message it carries with it.

remains It revolves around Edna, a widow and mother in the family. Daughter Kai and her granddaughter Sam are extremely anxious for the Old Woman when she suddenly disappears. Determined to find their mother and grandmother, they travel to the estates of a distant family so a great search can begin. Edna does eventually come back, but she is no longer what she was when she disappeared. An entity settled in Edna and is plagued by the trio.

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Personal story

Rotten Tomatoes are extremely positive about it remains Almost all reviewers are aware of the dual meaning of entity. Edna suffers from Alzheimer’s and this slowly but surely takes her life away from her. It’s a story very dear to director Natalie Erica James. She talks about this in a conversation with Los Angeles Times. “It comes from a very personal place. My grandmother, who lived in Japan, had Alzheimer’s disease and traveled to be her. She had been suffering from the disease for a while and was slowly getting worse, but that trip was the first time he didn’t recognize me anymore. He left That’s a deep impression I have because it’s sad when someone who used to look at you in love now suddenly looks at you as if you were a stranger. I felt so guilty and regretted not having visited so much.

It was with that experience that the inspiration began, but it did not stop there. The group’s ideas also came from visits to her grandmother in Japan. “I lived in a traditional Japanese house that is probably 100 to 150 years old. I spent most of the summer there and was always very afraid. Especially since there was a lot of clutter in the upstairs rooms.” In general, I set the tone remains In the eyes of the reviewers, this worked. Starting today, you can select whatever you want on Netflix remains Find. The trailer can be viewed below.

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