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I lost my greatest happiness forever. Thank you for setting off the fireworks despite the ban.” Rebecca Moeskops of Tongeren is very emotional when she thinks about what happened last night. Her horse Worldman jumped over the fence when the fireworks were set off, broke her leg and was helpless on the street.

Thanks to those who find it necessary not to comply with the imposed rules and still set off fireworks. I hope you enjoyed it, I lost my greatest happiness forever.” For example, Rebecca shares her frustration and especially her sadness on social media after last night’s drama.

However, at the end of December, I also shared many messages about the dangers of loud fireworks and the consequences for animals. She was also in the mood on Friday evening when she suddenly received a phone call from an acquaintance around 8pm.

“Someone called me and saw that some houses were going off of fireworks near where my horse was standing,” she says. But in Tongren there was a ban. It appears that the police visited these people at 8:30 pm.”

These people may have received a warning, but Rebecca isn’t sure. At about one in the morning, that same person passed off his horse and saw that all was well then. “Fortunately, they just stood there quietly, so I slept with peace of mind.”


He bit his tongue in half from the blow

Rebecca Muscobs

But things got even worse at night. At 3:50 a.m., a neighbor from the horse pasture stood at Rebecca’s door and knocked on her door. “He told me my horse broke and was lying in the street with a broken leg. It broke out with loud fireworks. I immediately went there and saw a lot of people right away to reassure my horse. The police were there too by then and closed the street so no one could pass “.

Worldland seemed to have jumped over the fence in a panic, purely out of fear. But he fell wrong and broke his leg. He also bit his tongue in half from the blow. Meanwhile, the vet was also called and had to put him to sleep.”

Rebecca isn’t sure who set off the fireworks, but she especially regrets that there was a firework ban in the city, and not everyone followed suit. , Worldman was 22 years old, and he meant everything to me. He was standing with his little Donder friend, a two-year-old Shetlander, at the Waterstraat in Sluizen near Tongeren. They had a great time there, but that’s over now.”

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