The house of ‘De Koepel’ has found a new location after years of searching: an old reading room in the Hoorn Library

Interior design for the upcoming “De Koepel” house, accessible via Hoorn Library. The attached photo

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‘De Koepel’ house for lonely, poor or homeless people has been found on a new site.

The new site is a reading room for the library on the Wisselstraat in Hoorn. “We are very pleased, after many setbacks and years of research,” says Chairman Frick Groenendyk. “In such a beautiful place in the middle of the city.” Since the turn of the century, the Hoorn has had a mobile home in Grote Havensteeg. People who need it, like locals who have felt lonely, can come every day. This site was closed over fifteen years ago. A new site plan is being developed (for the Protestant parish of the municipality of Horn-Zwag-Blücker). The Koepelkerk’s former parsonage appears. In terms of finances, everything seems to be fine and even the lease was signed, but it finally bounced back in November 2020. The parish still needs the same space and the diocese will find it difficult to fund.

I feel at home

And so the search continues. A building appears at Nieuwsteeg 42, but will eventually be leased to the Westfries Museum. Groenendijk is then drawn to a room near the Hoorn Library via via. It is about a reading room called “Lombaert”, located in a huge building from 1606 belonging to the Society of Hendrick de Keyser. “It exudes a warm ambiance, visitors quickly feel at home. We can use this for a reasonable rent.” The space has been completely renovated and is currently being furnished.

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Board members Frick Grunendijk and Renee Visser, here at the fallen Kobelkirk priest in 2020.

Board members Frick Grunendijk and Renee Visser, here at the fallen Kobelkirk priest in 2020. Photo by Mediahuis/Eric Molinar

Urmie Seedorf coordinates the future activities of “Inn De Koepel” and will be there with volunteers from July 4th. Initially, the entry position will be open two days a week. Neighbors, the elderly (eg from Westerhaven) and the homeless can come for a listening ear and a cup of coffee. The guest room makes use of library facilities, such as a reading table and handicapped toilet.

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