The Hurry-Up handballers from Zwartemeer pulled out a 34-34 tie against Volendam before the Gates of Hell. Patrick Miedema scores the equalizer just before time

The Drenth Groep Hurry-Up handballers pulled a 34-34 draw against Volendam before the Gates of Hell. As a result, Zwartemeerders continue to fully participate in the fight for the Dutch championship.

It was Patrick Miedema who scored the equalizer behind Volendam’s excellent goalkeeper Craig McClerland with just a few seconds left. Immediately after that, the duel, which took place on the edge of the abyss, ended with a score of 34-34. While the Hurry-Up players danced to celebrate as if they already had the Dutch title in their pocket, the Volendam team left disappointed.

That was certainly understandable, because the home team was leading 33-28 with five minutes left. It seems no problem for Volendam and their supporters in the full stands. Victory could not have escaped the Volendam side, but it did. Hurry-Up started playing his best handball, midfielder Miedema said.

Brilliant Meijer brings faith back

Now the Zwartemeerders’ coverage has always been good, so Volendam’s attacks often go wrong. Right corner player Harm Meijer, for example, intercepted Volendam’s pass, crossed the entire field and finished fatally. Before that, Rene Jaspers had already reduced the deficit to 33-30 after a long throw from his goalkeeper Boris Tutt. Meijer 33-31, scoring a total of eight times, put faith back in Hurry-Up.

Then, Miedema and the indestructible Ronald Swellman were once again important scoring goals for the Zwartmerders, who were cheered on by a bus full of troublesome fellow villagers at the Oberdam sports hall. With the score at 34-33 and the home team in possession, Hurry-Up’s defeat seemed inevitable. There were only a few seconds left on the clock. Volendam started a long attack, which, according to the referees, took too long. The ball went Hurry-Up, after which Miedema took a winning shot for the eighth time of the evening.

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A point definitely worth due to the fight that appears

As a result, the Zwartemeerders took a point, which can certainly be called deserved on the basis of the fight shown. Hurry-Up were the better team for a long time going into the first half, leading by two and three goals. But about ten minutes before the break, Drenthe’s machine started to falter. At times, the Zwartemeerders have easily waived some time penalties, meaning they regularly play in numbers.

In addition, coach Joop Fiege has had to change more often than usual, because a number of Hurry-Up players are returning from injuries and are not yet fully available. Coverage occasionally bogged down with visitors. Volendam’s excellent pitchers like Tim Roefs, Jordy Baijens and fast José Pocas knew what to do with it. At halftime the game turned 20-17. Volendam was the better team for a while. Until another five minutes after that.

Hurry-Up is still the leader in the HandbalNL-League

With three points from two games and two bonus points, Hurry-Up remain leaders in the HandbalNl-League as the Dutch title is contested. Coming up on Saturday, the Zwartemeerders will travel to Sittard for a hand-to-hand match against the Lions.

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