The ICSYV duo between Rene Frogger and the finalist falls into the water

Beware: This article contains spoilers about the final episode of I can see your voice.

Popular singer Renee Frogger was allowed this week to play the match with fan Anne. Their task is to musically separate the wheat from the chaff. Unfortunately, it turned out that their judgment was not so good, as the two killed one great singer (s) after another. It remained exciting until the very last moment, because so many Nightingales had already been voted so that no one dared dream of a happy ending.

Presenter Carlo Bosszard knows better than anyone how to heighten tension: “Miss Sunshine is here, Renee is here. I want to wish you a lot of success. (…) So the question is whether the sun is in the house as he will sing beautifully. Miss Sunshine, I look at your beautiful face and say, “I can see your voice.”

It turns out Renee is then singing a duet with 34-year-old Idorica: she has no golden throats at all. But fortunately, she knows how to put a smile on the face of the jury (Edicilia Rumbley, Danny De Monk, Marique Elsinga, and Fred Van Leer). During the duo, we learn that Idurica is a surgical aid in everyday life and loves Latin music.

And even though the last song with Renee ended up in soup musically, the two still managed to get out of it. With 5,000 euros won by Miss Sunshine, she would like to make another trip to Cuba. “I’m sorry Ann, I’m so sorry, but you were able to sit next to Renee the whole evening,” then he concluded on a positive note.

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Before the season started, RTL Boulevard spoke to Carlo. You can see this entire conversation below. You were watching a broadcast last night Here back.

I can see your voice She can be seen every Thursday at 8.30pm on RTL 4 and Videoland.

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