The image of the mysterious group “Spider-Man 3” hints at the arrival of Miles Morales

she was Common In 2019 the new collection image from MARVELS The third Spider-Man movie he met Tom Holland It gives fans food to speculate once again. Because it was announced here to introduce Miles Morales (Alternative Web Launcher) character?

at Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Referred to street criminal actor Aaron Davis Donald Glover During a scene already categorically interrogated by Morales when he said that he “does not want guns in the streets in his neighborhood, because his young nephew lives there”.

The shooting is currently going on in Atlanta and a fan was able to take a photo of a truck with the FEAST logo on it (Food, emergency, aid, shelter and trainingGraffiti workshops.

at Away from home (2019) we saw that Aunt May (Marisa TomeiHe was interested in helping the less fortunate. In a recent video game, she works for FEAST and while Miles Morales is not directly affiliated with the organization, he is a huge fan of graffiti so the bottom half of a truck could betray his existence …

Morales appeared as an cartoon two years ago (voiced Shameik Moore) at In the spider verse And since this multiverse will now be resurrected in the world of live action, the above makes sense in line with what MARVEL is planning.

We’ll have to wait until the end of the year for an answer, as the release is scheduled for next December.

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