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Jezebel, a renowned women’s news site, has officially closed its doors after a successful 16-year run. Parent company G/O Media made the decision to shut down Jezebel, citing its lack of profitability and inability to find a buyer. This unfortunate closure means that Jezebel’s coverage of important topics such as abortion, investigations into sexual abuse, and feminist critiques of culture and politics will come to an end.

The demise of Jezebel reflects the ongoing challenges faced by the media industry, where journalism layoffs have become all too common. With private equity firms becoming increasingly involved in the media industry, its decline has been exacerbated, leading to the demise of beloved sites like Jezebel.

Furthermore, Jezebel’s closure marks the end of an era of feminism, as it was the last remaining feminist blog from the early 2000s. Blogs like Jezebel offered a unique perspective by providing a voice-forward and irreverent take on news, culture, and women’s issues. This allowed women to write as whole human beings, sharing their experiences and addressing injustices.

Jezebel served as a valuable training ground for young women writers and intellectuals, launching the careers of many accomplished writers. The site’s staff writers were known for their important reporting on topics like abortion, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to human dignity.

Although there are still women’s media outlets available, the explicit feminist media landscape appears to be fading away. Jezebel played a crucial role in maintaining and evolving the feminist tradition – a role that is particularly essential in the current political climate.

The closure of Jezebel leaves a void for young feminists who seek a space to come together, learn, and fight for a more just world. Jezebel’s absence will undoubtedly be deeply felt by those who have relied on its unique approach to feminism and its dedication to amplifying diverse voices.

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In the end, the shutdown of Jezebel serves as a reflection of the challenges facing the media industry and represents the loss of a valuable platform for feminist discourse and activism.

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