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Now that people in the Netherlands are still working at home collectively, more and more people are discovering the importance of a good and professional workplace. The office is being missed more and more often. Unfortunately, many offices are still far from the ideal ergonomics. Especially in a field Sound insulation The acoustics can be improved a lot. That’s why in this article we take you into the wonderful world of acoustics and annoying noises in offices and commercial spaces.

Understand noise pollution

Roughly speaking, two types of noise pollution can be described. Noise can penetrate from outside. Think about noise from traffic, people on the street, or wall noise from neighbors. Architecturally, these issues are often addressed with sound insulation, which aims to block out noise.

In addition, there is a nuisance from the noise that occurs in the room itself. Often this is due to the weakening of the voice, which means that the voice stays longer than necessary. Simple conversation between colleagues or clicking the keyboard can become very annoying. This problem is especially common in office and commercial spaces. This is because these spaces are usually large and open, with many exposed surfaces. This allows the sound waves produced in space to be freely reflected into space. These types of acoustic problems are not solved by sound insulation, but an example Acoustic wall coveringsOr ceiling panels, partition walls, or acoustic panels around the premises.

These types of acoustic products are made of a material that absorbs and dampens sound waves. This gives the sound less chance to reverberate across the room, providing a more pleasant acoustic comfort for attendees.

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The importance of correct phonemes

Why is acoustics so important in the workplace? Anyone who has ever worked in a room with poor acoustics for an extended period of time will emphasize this importance. Constant nuisance of noise is primarily annoying, but it also causes loss of focus, productivity, fatigue, fatigue, and in the long run, even fatigue.

By improving the acoustics in the office, not only can the company ensure more focus and productivity, but it also ensures less absenteeism among employees. Hence healthy acoustics is an important part of a healthy work atmosphere.

Improvement of acoustics by an expert

If you have an audio challenge, it is best to hire a professional for this. The possibilities for improvement are wide and an audio issue always requires a custom solution. So the phonologist begins by measuring and evaluating the specific problem, then putting together the ideal solution to the specific problem.

You can go, for example, near Harlem AcostaExpert in acoustics improvement in North Holland for many years. Do you have a sound problem that needs to be solved? Then schedule an appointment for a quick, no-obligation scan, where an Aquista expert will assess the specific situation in your space, workplace, or office.

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