The impressive Turkish drama series The Club –

In cosmopolitan Istanbul in the 1950s, a mother with a troubled past works in a nightclub to find and help her rebellious daughter who was unable to raise her.

If you’re a fan of a healthy dose of drama, there’s a new series on Netflix for you to watch.

This is about the “club”. The second season of the series has already been pre-ordered.

This new series takes you to the Turkish city of Istanbul in the 1950s. The series tells the story of Matilda, a Jewish woman who is released from prison.

Matilda is the mother of a daughter. Her daughter had to stay in an orphanage all this time.

The political turmoil in the country makes it very difficult for a mother to call her daughter. It’s the beginning of a daunting task.

the second season

Expectations for the first season of the series were particularly high. Meanwhile, the first reviews appeared, which turned out to be very positive.

Several Netflix users have already indicated that they are fans of the series.

It is clear that a lot of trust is placed in him. A successor to the series has already been requested.

cast club It consists of names such as Gökçe Bahadır, Barış Arduç, Salih Bademci and Firat Tanış.

The first season of the series can be watched on Netflix starting November 5.

Source: Turkish media

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