The ISS is safe until 2024 – but then…

Will the conflict with Russia extend to the ISS? Also in this episode: Moon Dust for Sale, Strange Weather on Neptune and a Space Burst of 2014 is now news. Luc van den Abilene, Michel van Pal and Herbert Blankestegen have discussed the events of space in the past two weeks.

= Russia still respects the International Space Station conventions

= Axiom’s first commercial crew

= Delay in spacecraft?

= Megadeal Amazon for Kuiper Network

= Artemis has been scaled down but will “up to speed”

= Moondust for sale!

= Something strange with the weather on Neptune

= An interstellar object exploded above Earth in 2014, according to declassified government data

= I checked Wired a documentary on SPaceX

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