The juvenile sector files a brief lawsuit against the state • Hospital occupancy continues to decline

The 1.5 meter rule will be released from September 25th. Cabinet confirmed this last night in Press conference About aura scales. According to Ari Dijkstra, professor of social psychology of health and disease, outgoing Prime Minister Rutte used a “psychological trick”.

“In announcing the end of the procedure, Rutte made it clear how bad it is,” Dijkstra said in a statement. Radio NOS 1 news. “He made it very tangible, then said that the measure would be rescinded. And the ‘punishment’ was exaggerated, so that the ‘reward’ became too big.”

The second message was also clear, according to Dijkstra: “It’s not over yet. We have to learn to live with the virus.” He wonders how the disappearance of a meter and a half scale in the streets will develop. “People who feel completely safe respect the desire of people who wear mouth masks, and do not want to shake hands or stay away from them?”

Moreover, Di Jong said At the press conference The implication is that a small group of unvaccinated people restricts the freedom of a large group. “That was the most surprising thing about this press conference. How such a statement affects the group of people who have not been vaccinated is the question. Some of these people will simply give up because of this pressure.”

According to the professor, these are people who do not have “deep motives”. According to him, the part that consciously chooses not to vaccinate will feel more resistance. “You are now stigmatizing that group. It can lead to insecurity and anger.”

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