The Kissing Booth 3 will be released on Netflix in mid-August | to watch

Although Netflix isn’t talking about a global release, it seems to be about that. After all, the official Netflix accounts of various European countries shared the message last day.

Anyway, lead actress Joy King, 21, who plays Shelley Evans, can’t wait. ‘My God!’ You write on Instagram. In addition to King, other well-known main characters return, such as Joel Courtney as Lee Flynn and Jacob Elordi as Noah Flynn.

In the third part, Elle faces a difficult decision after the end of the second movie on the cliffhanger. It’s the summer before college and she’s been accepted into both Harvard and Berkeley. Will she follow her boyfriend Noah to first school, or will she choose her best friend and Noah’s brother Lee, who is just going to Berkeley?

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As May approaches, the platform is also removing more than 40 films, including The Fast and the Furious-Series:

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