The Kremlin: US-Russia negotiations in January

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov announced that Russia and the United States will meet in January on the list of security guarantees that Russia will provide. in advance this month placed on the table. Military experts are also involved in these discussions, he says in an interview on the website of his ministry. The talks will take place immediately after the Russian New Year. That falls on January 10th.

Lavrov stressed that the negotiations should lead to a tangible result and not be prolonged forever, as was the case in the past. President Putin went one step further yesterday. If negotiations fail, he said, we will listen to the proposals of our military experts.

Kremlin stimulate That NATO is distancing itself from Ukraine and withdrawing virtually all of its forces and weapons from Central and Eastern European member states such as Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Recently, NATO announced its willingness to enter into dialogue with Russia.


Tensions between Russia and NATO have risen over the past month with the reinforcement of Russian forces on the border with Ukraine. This is not a NATO country, but the United States and other NATO countries have Russia warned He should not go on an invasion.

President Putin said on Thursday that NATO was not living up to its commitments. “In the 1990s, we were promised not to expand an inch to the east. And what happened? We were cheated. We were simply deceived. NATO expanded five times.”

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