The launch that fell, Webb’s result reaches nature, to refuel in space

About the episode

Then a solar storm, Voyager 1 repaired again, Ukraine buys satellite information with cash, satellite telephony with a regular cell phone and much more. Served and served by Eric Lane, Bruno van Weinburg and Herbert Blankestegen.

20220901 left

Launch and sequel of Artemis I

Solar storm warning

Webb detects carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of an exoplanet

Be careful not to display two exoplanets at the same time

Voyager sent 1 months of trash home, because the computer was already turned off

Startup Orbit Fab to refuel satellites in geostationary orbit

Ukraine buys satellite information with crowdfunding money

A drone has broken the record for the longest flight ever

…and the longest flight ever was:

NASA’s Deep Space Network shows which probe is making contact

SpaceX and T-mobile are collaborating on mobile satellite telephony

And a new space education program starting next week, featuring Eric Lan himself:

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