The Leiden Sports Jubilee Conference is the sports associations of the future

Leiden Sports Conference 2021 (Photo: Emil van Alst).

Leiden, November 13, 2022, 9:26 a.m. By Editors

Leiden Sports Congress It will be held for the tenth time next Wednesday. The event begins with a talk show where safe and inclusive sports are central. Along with new Alderman Sports Council member Fleur Spiker and NOC*NSF, Future sports Initiate. After the general segment, participants can choose from five workshops.

Immediately after kick-off, a talk show with presenters Nienke Ledegang and Reanne van Kleef is presented to the attendees. Guests sit at the table to shed light on different topics. Samoa Greve has sporting expertise from the LGBTIQ+ community and Davy van den Dop (Dutch wheelchair rugby team) will talk about inclusive sports. Hussain Bazai was also there last year as Director of the Racism Program on behalf of the KNVB, but this year he will also talk about his own experiences with discrimination in and around the fields.

For many sports directors, he will also be the first person to know a sports alderman Flor Spikeer. You sit at the table with Ine Klosters (NOC * NSF) who knows all about the trends and developments that await the sports federations.

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Martin Mulder spoke on Sport071 with Senior Sports Coordinator Ryan Van Cleef about the Leiden Sports Conference.

After the break there are five presentations/workshops about the programme:

  • Adapted sport What is really possible in Leiden (and not yet)?
  • Your club is ready for the future
  • What mental factors play a role in the (youth) selection policy?
  • What is the role of the contact person within the club?
  • How do you really work to make the club or residence more sustainable?
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The full program is available at Leiden Sports City website. Sign up to get it Congress It can be done on the Sportstad Leiden website or through this form. Joined Congress Free of charge.

He. She Congress It is the evening of Wednesday 16 November and will be held at Leonardo College, Tilderskade 48, Leiden. He. She Sports Congress It runs from 7 pm until 10:30 pm.

He. She Sports Congress Leiden is organized by Sportstad Leiden, a partnership between Leiden Municipality, Leidse sports Union, Topsport Leiden and Inglosio Leiden.

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