The lice comb contains the oldest alphabetic sentence ever: “I wish this tusk would fight lice” | Sciences

The oldest complete sentence in the first alphabet was found on an ivory louse comb that is more than three thousand years old. The comb reads: “Let this tusk fight the lice in the hair and beard.”

This article was actually discovered in Israel in 2017, but the shallow carvings weren’t noticed until December of last year. The researchers concluded that the incantation is written in the Canaanite script Jerusalem Journal of Archeology. This is the oldest alphabet that is about 3800 years old.

“The inscription is very human,” said archaeologist Joseph Garfinkel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. “On the comb there is a desire to eliminate lice in the hair and beard. There were no modern sprays and medicines at that time.”

The comb measures 3.5 x 2.5 cm and comes from Lachish in the ancient Near East, the second most important city in the Kingdom of Judah. Researchers believe that the article dates back to 1700 BC. The product proves that people have been suffering from lice for thousands of years. The researchers’ photographs even show head lice remains on the comb.

Two other alphabetic texts from the Bronze Age have been found so far, he writes Norwegian Refugee Council. A dagger from 1700 to 1550 BC has an illegible inscription. A piece of pottery dating back to 1450 BC bearing the words “slave” and “honey”.

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