The lost penguin swims 3000 kilometers to New Zealand

The bird did not move at all. Smith called a team from the Penguin Sanctuary in Christchurch to prevent the animals from being attacked by poachers. The team was very surprised to see Adele Penguin. Penguins also live in New Zealand, but only in different species.

So far, as far as we know, Adele Penguin was only discovered in New Zealand in 1962 and 1993.


This animal, now affectionately known as Pinku by the locals, became dehydrated and starving. “Actually, he’s not that bad,” said a penguin rescue worker. “We gave him a fish smoothie.” Pinku was later released into the dog-free Gulf. The penguin team hopes he can find a way home from there.

I don’t know why the penguin came this far from home. According to New Zealand biologist Philip Sedan, this is very rare. The animal swam a long way from its colony and ended up in the Gulf Stream that was transported to New Zealand.

The penguin population in Antarctica is under pressure. Due to climate change, sea ice is acting unpredictably. This has advantages for Adelie penguins, which can now easily find food in some places, but overheating will disrupt that food supply.

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