The Love Island Niall star is unrecognizable after four years of engagement

Niall experienced hallucinations while participating in the program and was subsequently diagnosed with psychosis. It now appears that he suffers from autism. On Instagram, he shares with his followers what it means to live with autism. “The truth is, I sometimes find it hard to talk always positively about my experience with autism. Being autistic has been a struggle my whole life. When I was 10, I was on antidepressants, school was horrible and confusing and there was little help or understanding. When Growing up I was ashamed of it so much.” Now the reality star thinks it’s important to talk openly about mental issues to break the taboo.

Niall in season 4 of Love Island in the UK Share. While he initially opted to hook up with Kendall Ray Knight, Georgia Steele also managed to get his attention. Jack Fincham and Danny Fryer won the fourth season, but they are not back together.

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