The Lutheran Church’s crowdfunding campaign was successful, and the renovation of the Constury room began

Consistory room in the Lutheran Church is in need of renovation. Photo: Lutheran Church

A crowdfunding campaign to renovate the Consistory Room at the Lutheran Church was successful. That’s what Betty Kenneggy of the Lutheran Church says.

“We’re really happy,” says Knigge. “Initially we set the campaign goal at €4,400, but because it went well, we eventually increased the target amount to €5,500. And we achieved it. With this money we can renovate the Consistory Room.” The Consistory Room is located at the front of the building. In the past, this space was used as a church council room, today it is used as an office and dressing room. However, they want to renovate the space to make it look good so that it can be rented out. This rent is important because the Lutheran Church is an important cultural site in the city and desperately wants to remain the central musical theater in the North.

Work started
Now that the target amount has been achieved, work began immediately. “We immediately arranged the blinds and netting, and also painted a beautiful wardrobe and were able to buy it. At the moment we are waiting for a quote from the contractor who has to set up a storeroom in the space. We are still working on the office chairs. If there is still money Leftover, we want to use it to buy a nice interior décor. Then you should think about a nice coat hanger or a nice lamp.”

Open Monument Day
Knigge hopes to have the work completed before September. “September 11th is Open Memorial Day. The Lutheran Church is naturally involved in this. It would be great for people to go see this renovated space.” The Lutheran Church is also grateful to all the donors. In total, there are 67 donors who made donations. These concerns range from 10 to 500 euros. There was also a fund that made a contribution.

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More information can be found about the Lutheran Church on this site.

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