The Lycurgus volleyball team from Groningen is in good shape financially. Major sponsor Nedmag of Veendam extends contract by two years

The financial future of the volleyball team Samen Lycurgus from Groningen looks bright. Salt mining company Veendammer Nedmag will continue as main sponsor for at least another two years.

Nedmag Managing Director Bert Jan Bruningen signed a new sponsorship contract on Tuesday afternoon in the presence of Top Volleyball Groningen President Ari Wink. Lycurgus Premier League team is under the foundation. Nedmag saved the team from collapse four years ago with a much-needed financial infusion and have been associated with Lycurgus as a major sponsor ever since.

‘Without Nedmag there would be no Lycurgus,’ said Wenk at the Best Western in Edward. “It’s great that the company will continue as a sponsor for another two years.” According to the chairman of the board, Lycurgus is in a better financial position. We operate on an annual budget of half a million, 90 percent of which comes from sponsors. Often a quarter of sponsors leave over time, but after this season no one has. As a result, more money is collected. If we find a new sponsor name, we’ll be lucky.”

We will no longer sell a gram of salt

Nedmag manager Bruning said he would continue to serve as a lead sponsor because of his love of volleyball. We will no longer sell a gram of salt. But we want to continue to support the best sports in North Holland together with other companies, so that the beautiful sport of volleyball is preserved here. Lycurgus deserves it as a real big club. ”

Meeting with sponsors, players, staff, board members, and volunteers was a farewell. At the end of the season, in which Lycurgus won the Super Cup and the National Cup, but also took the title in addition to the playoffs, the necessary players leave. American Kyle McCauley and Canadian Jacob Kern had packed their bags and weren’t there. Dealer Tieme de Jong, who will play for SSS in Barneveld next season, was unable to attend due to an MRI scan.

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Coach Arjan Taj will continue for another year

It was up to coach Arjan Taij, who re-signed for another year, to say goodbye to passing runner Verdy van Dijk and country player Jeffrey van Gent. Jeffrey van Gent has been with us since 2018 and was therefore the longest-serving player of choice. In recent years, he has evolved from a somewhat introverted player into a mature man. ”

To illustrate, Taaij told a cute anecdote about the 26-year-old Hoogevener, which he will focus on his social life. ,, When we suffered a hopeless defeat against Sliedrecht Sport, Geoffrey took the floor in the dressing room and explained in detail what the problem was. This symbolizes its evolution. ’ Ferdy van Dijk, who played with Lycurgus for just under a year, received a pretty picture of himself as a deposit. He will play for SSS next season, just like De Jong. I was able to contribute, but I want to have more playing time to have more volleyball fun. ”

It hurts, but it’s part of the sport

Who will leave or remain in Lycurgus, and who are the new acquisitions, will be announced in the following days, among other things. Taij: We won a lot last season, the Super Cup and the Cup, but not the Dutch championship. It hurts, but it’s part of the sport. ’ According to the coach, Lycurgus is well ahead of signing 7 to 8 players next season. It is already known that the 19-year-old Guus Boer from Dwingeloo will trade Papendal talent for Groningen. Center forward Luuk Hofhuis signed, while Libero Jeffrey Klok signed for another year.

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The Chairman honored Wink Arjan Taij and Pauline Schönhoven (Public Affairs) for their outstanding services to the team. Wenk said he is already looking forward to the cross-border BeNe-Liga match with the top Belgian and Dutch teams. Feasibility is being investigated.

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