The main division may be a little more competitive.

Ledwig Wilton (second from left) on March 11th in the Den Bosch match against Amsterdam.Bart Schulermann Statue / Professional Shots

These are turbulent times for the Hockey Club Den Bosch. The record national champion will see three top players leave next summer. Experienced international players, good together for more than six hundred international matches. Over the course of six days, Lidewij Welten (to Kampong), Marloes Keetels (to retire) and Margot van Geffen (to HGC) announced their future plans. What is going on with the women of HC Den Bosch?

Coach Mareke Dykstra should smile at this question. I understand that the outside world raises this question. Coincidentally, news of three seasoned players leaving within a week surfaced, but we’ve known internally for months that Margot and Marlos would be stopping by at Den Bosch. They are now joined by Ledwig.

Dijkstra, who is in her first season as a coach for Den Bosch, says on the one hand that she regrets the stilts left. But on the other hand, it’s also very fun. Young girls will soon be given more responsibilities and more space to show leadership. let’s see! I’m curious how they’ll deal with that.

Dijkstra has been working on this process all season. When appointed as head coach, she was directed by Bossche’s top club to prepare the so-called middle group for the big job. “This group should take steps this season to be able to take the reins of routine in a natural way,” Dijkstra says after her team’s 3-0 win over Kampong.

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HC Den Bosch head coach Rob Almering refers to the club’s philosophy. When the big names leave, it’s up to the younger generation to make it happen. This flow should always be there. It’s hard to say goodbye, but it’s also part of our vision and policy.

New incentives

For Lidewij Welten (31 years old) it was a hot duel on Sunday. Seventeen seasons later, the women’s 1 Van den Bosch, Blue and White will play in Kampong after the summer. Wilton didn’t really shine against her future teammates. The elusive queen only offered her class occasionally and was ultimately unhappy.

The 229-time international’s stunning move to the mid-level Utrecht team was prompted by her need for new incentives. “I’ve been playing here in the first team since I was 15, and I know all the details,” says the striker, after signing several sticks after the match. Den Bosch used to do qualifying year after year. In Kampong I will fight for every point. I want to get the best of myself every week, it’s not necessary now. If it’s a bad day, ten more wake up.

Roderick Weusthof, a board member for hockey, says Kampong has ambitious plans for the women’s team. ‘Just like with men, we also want to be structurally involved at the top amongst women. In our search for the best experienced players, Lidewij has been a godsend. A few sponsors have appeared within the club and we hope to be able to welcome some big names soon.


Welten hopes her move to Kampong will make other top players think. “It would be good for hockey in Holland if there was more competition in the Premier League. Sometimes I envy the men’s competition. There are seven teams in the race to get to the playoffs, but that is simply not the case. We won’t get there with my transfers alone, but maybe The main split is slightly stronger in width.

Last year, Eva de Goede surprisingly moved from Amsterdam to HGC. The Netherlands captain is currently recovering from a cruciate ligament injury and her future is uncertain. It seems unlikely that she will play for HGC next season with Margot van Geffen (32).

Van Geffen, who has netted 221 times, has been in doubt for months as to whether she would like to continue her career beyond this season. “It was a bit of a mess in my head,” said the midfielder. It was only in the last month that I realized that I still enjoy hockey a lot. HGC came at the right time.

Dutch national team

Due to problems with the Dutch team – where a corrupt team culture emerged after the Olympic gold games – Van Geffen tended to quit the top sport at the end of last year. I noticed that it cost me a lot of energy. But when I got back on the field with the national team in February, the fun and driving quickly returned. Says Van Geffen, who previously described it as a disgrace that national coach Alison Annan had to leave the field.

Wilton states that turmoil in the national team did not play a role in her decision to replace Den Bosch with Kampong. “It is true that I see many of the same faces in the Dutch national team and Dean Bosch. But I will definitely miss the girls from Den Bosch.

28-year-old Marlos Kittel (169 caps) will end her career after the World Cup this summer. Current Captain Den Bosch wants to focus on other things in life.

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