The Margraten Visitor Center: “A Storytelling Mission” | 1 Limburg

The American Cemetery in Margraten will have a new visitor center.

The goal is to tell the story of the cemetery and the soldiers buried in it and pass it on to younger generations.

A new task
“We are working with a US government organization, the American Battle Effects Committee (ABMC). We have 26 American cemeteries around the world outside of the United States,” said Director of the Visitor Center Frenk The Hague. “One of our tasks is to optimally maintain these cemeteries to honor the children.”

“In recent years, more and more eyewitnesses, veterans, and their immediate family members have been lost,” The Hague said. “They can no longer tell the stories themselves. That is why this is our mission now. We tell these stories using visitor centers.”

In the center, visitors get an impression of the history of the cemetery. The course of WWII is told through the personal stories of the soldiers buried there. In addition, the battles received a lot of attention in which most of Margraten’s soldiers died.

Visitor Center
The Visitor Center in Margraten is the tenth to be built over an American cemetery. This is the first time that such a center has not been designed by the Americans. KAAN-Architecten from Rotterdam took on the job.

Construction of the center will begin this year and is expected to be completed in eighteen months.

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