The marine biologist was thrilled to see a very rare rainbow-colored octopus

Shackleton spotted an octopus off the coast of Lady Elliot Island on the Great Barrier Reef. “I kept screaming through my snorkel, ‘This is a blanket octopus!’ I’m so excited, it’s hard for me to catch my breath to sink down and film it. “

Weight lock

Blanket octopuses are rarely found in the wild. According to Shackleton, the octopus has only been seen in the same area three times before. A blanket octopus usually spends its life cycle in the open ocean, so finding one of the rocks is even more unusual.

The first living male was discovered 21 years ago. Male blanket is the big difference between octopuses and females. When females grow to 2 meters in length, males do not exceed 2.4 centimeters. A female can be 40,000 times heavier than the male, and the weight difference between the sexes is greater than any other animal in the world.

“I was so fascinated by the movements, it was like an animal with a blowing cap dancing in the water,” says Shackleton. “The increasing colors are so incredible, you can not take your eyes off them. I have never really seen anything like this and I never thought I would see it again in my life.”

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