The Marvel series “Secret Invasion” also brings back its old Marvel Hero

Samuel L. Jackson hints at Fury appearing in the Marvel series.

Bram de Groot, February 5, 2022 at 16:29

Marvel series secret invasion It is currently registered in the United Kingdom. Now lead actor Samuel L. Jackson has taken to social media for an intriguing look behind the scenes. Appears and knows that Nick Fury “old school” we will go.

If you follow the series on Twitter, for example, you’ve already seen a lot of specific images in which Nick Fury appears with a completely different look than previous films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jackson has now announced on Instagram that a more traditional look for the character will also be revealed. Jackson says he will use the “Old School Fury” character.

Nick Fury also old school
We don’t know what all this means just yet, but there is clearly a Skrull-Fury and the real Fury has been in space for a while with the SWORD organization. Marvel series secret invasion It will be released on Disney+ at the end of this year or early next year.

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