The mayor beats his heart: the sailor does not have to pay for a new driver’s license after a house fire

Van der Moss, a resident of Capelle in a house on fire, was outraged to read in the newspaper that he had to pay a few tens for his new driver’s license. Fees for the reconstruction permit for his home are also simply sent. A CDA support committee member said this did not apply to a municipality like Kapelle, which “wants to be known as a resident-friendly municipality.”

According to the law

Mayor Naderop spoke at length with the chaplain in question, he explains. But sending the costs of creating a new driving document is entirely in accordance with the rules of law and order. “We can not discount the fee in the event of loss or theft,” Naderop insists. “Driving licenses and passports represent a value. Criminals are willing to pay a lot for it.”

Force Wage

Dieteric van der Mass finds it unthinkable that the municipality should be so frugal. “It’s about someone who loses his home in a fire. This is really a forced case.” The costs of obtaining permission to rebuild the farm house are not yet clear. “The authorities are watching it now,” Nadorop said. It should be noted that the mayor does not want to make a habit of canceling municipal fees if documents are lost. “We are reviewing every situation.”

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