The Mayor of Paris wants to turn the Champs-Elysées into a car-free “park”

Perhaps the most famous street in the world will turn into a green walking area. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo expressed himself in an interview with The Sunday Newspaper Behind the plan to turn the Champs Elysees into a “private park”. The plan includes 250 million euros.

Reporter Frank Renot confirmed that the race was far from over. “It’s a plan by a committee of local companies that has been in place since 2018, and that I’ve now talked about it positively in one sentence.” The mayor did not disclose any other details.

City council must also approve, but Rinot sees it as promising to approve the project.

Yellow jackets

The Elysee Committee is excited to show your support. According to them, transformation is urgently needed. The legendary street has lost its luster over the past 30 years. Parisians have deserted it and taken over by yellow jackets, strikes, pestilence and economic crises.

According to the plan, the vehicle traffic on the wide street should be greatly reduced, in part by cutting the asphalt in half. In its place, space should be given to cyclists, pedestrians and parks.

An architectural firm commissioned these offers to the Champs Elysees:

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