The Medium Review – Purchase, Budget, or Demolition?

Microsoft has had a problem since the Xbox One, and this problem is the lack of exclusive games. How PlayStation thrived with games like Spider-Man, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn, Microsoft has held onto franchises that have gone past their peak. And a few months after Microsoft launched its latest Xbox console: Xbox Series X, we’ll only receive the first real console exclusive to The Medium. How did Daan and Koos find this psychological horror game? You will find this on The Medium Review.

A familiar feeling for horror game fans

The developer of this game, Bloober Team, is no stranger to making horror games. They definitely show their experience in this genre. The Medium has an authentic old-school horror vibe and feels like a warm welcome for fans. For example, the game is similar to big franchises in many ways: Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The Medium offers a good mix between the old (Resident Evil and Silent Hill style) and the new, and this new one … yeah, that’s quite a thing.

He was the mediator a long time ago

The Medium is a game that has kept people waiting for a long time. For example, the game was officially announced in 2012. And as you know, now we are already in 2021, which means that the game is delayed by 9 years. But why did this take so long? Could it be because the game has to present two worlds at the same time? Or, have the developers been too busy with games like Layers of Fear? A well received and watched game ever since in Layers of Fear 2. But has Bloober Team managed to make an equally big impact with The Medium? JJ, Koos and Daan tell you in our The Medium review.

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