The Metropolitan Museum in New York recognizes the original occupants with a plaque

Plate on the facade of the museum.Field Bruce Schwarz / Metropolitan Museum of Art New York

Where is the world famous Metropolitan Museum of Art located? Google Maps shows: In New York, Manhattan. More precisely, in Central Park on 5th Avenue. But as of last week, the 1872 museum building features a plaque informing visitors, “Located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Lenapehoking.”

Lenapehocking refers to the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLenop, an aboriginal people living on the east coast of the United States between Connecticut and Delaware. In the 18th century, Lennox was forcibly expelled from the region where the major cities of Philadelphia and New York were founded.

The American Museum now wants to do justice to this history. Blake says, “We respect and recognize all the tribal communities of the past, present and future that are going on with the region and for the basic relationship.”

These types of expressions are called ‘land approvals’ (Land approvalS), have long been found in museums in Australia and New Zealand. The fact that the Metropolitan Museum now has a plaque is a continuation of another historical activity. Last year, the museum hired a full-time curator for the first time Native American Art Ann. When Patricia Morocco’s Norby (Native American) took office, she promised to work with tribal communities to bring about “meaningful formal change.” She and two colleagues started a memento on the facade.

The exhibition is currently in the building on 5th Avenue Art of Native America: The Charles and Valerie Tigger Collection See. It is a donation of more than a hundred artifacts from fifty different Native North American cultures. Work is now underway on the land clearance plate for the branch in Upper Manhattan. Coincidentally, the word ‘Manhattan’ came from Lenop’s language.

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