The Miami Grand Prix surpassed the record of American ratings

The Miami Grand Prix was a big American party last weekend. The race around the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Garden is one of two American races this season, and will continue after Austin. Anyway, the betting in Miami was a huge success.

Grandstands abounded along the route, and it was clear that the game was gaining popularity in the United States. This is definitely the reason for the successful Netflix series Drive to Survive. Last weekend the brand new Grand Prix was also a rating cannon in the big country on the other side of the ocean.

The Miami Grand Prix broke the audience number record in the United States last weekend. ESPN aired the race and said yesterday that an average of 2.6 million people watched the race, a new record in the country. The number of viewers rose to 2.9 million, breaking the previous record. According to ESPN, these ratings clearly apply to the film. According to the channel, the viewing figures in the first five races are already 53 percent higher than 2021, and last season was the most successful season on American television.

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