The Minister must make a new decision about raising French Bulldogs: Are they going to get their muzzle back? | The interior

There has been a debate about raising French Bulldogs for years. Opponents argue that the dogs were bred and that they suffer greatly from their pursuit of their appearance by the breeder. Breeders and their trade association say they have taken steps to combat extreme physical characteristics and that pedigree dogs are now being bred responsibly.

The snout is very short

The Animal Law Foundation wanted enforcement by sixteen breeders, ten of whom belonged to the Dutch Bulldog Club. According to the institution, animals are bred with harmful external ancestry characteristics, which are transmitted to offspring. The Breeder Decree (Bhd) states that this is prohibited. According to the CBb, the foundation is asking for a right of enforcement, because advocating for animal welfare is the foundation’s goal.

Dierenrecht provided pictures of breeders’ websites showing dogs with very short noses and very bushy noses by scientific standards. The ministry considered that the evidence was insufficient. The Central Bank of Bahrain is surprised that despite the rejection, the Ministry decided to examine a number of breeders. The Central Bank of Bahrain is now advising the ministry to conduct further investigations into a number of breeders before making a new decision.

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