“The missing Dutchman (68) in Albania took a boat trip on a wild water river” | outside

The 68-year-old Dutchman who went missing in the Ossum Fjord in Albania on Monday took a boat trip across the strait with his 64-year-old wife. The woman was found injured and without her other half by a guide who was walking around with clients, after which a major rescue operation was launched.

This is what the raft guides who were involved in the rescue tell Dutch-Albanian travel specialist Polly Lohmann, who is in direct contact with them. According to this evidence, the couple was in Albania with the camper and stayed in Korovod. From there they climbed into the river in their inflatable boat.

According to the evidence, the woman was not wearing any protection such as a wetsuit, life jackets or helmet. A guide found the hypothermic woman unconscious on the side of the river and gave her first aid. When she regained consciousness, she indicated that her husband would not leave her alone and might still be in the water.

And then a major rescue operation began. This has guides who know the area well, but the guy hasn’t been found yet. The woman was injured and taken to the hospital.

In a statement issued by the Albanian Rafting Federation, released after the tragic incident, Federation President Zamb Spatara warned other tourists who wish to visit the area not to go up the river unaccompanied. Especially in April and May, but also in the fall the water levels are high and the river can be very dangerous. The federation is also calling on the government to put more information boards along the side to let people know what equipment they need to enter the area safely.

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The search for the missing 68-year-old Dutchman continues unabated, although, according to the evidence of the raft, the man has very little chance of survival.

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