The most important news of the day

– An award-winning photographer is doing a book of river photos, Maroon 5 will be bringing to Goffertpark next summer and Nijmegen photographers are second in the photo competition.

River photographer comes with a book

You’ve probably done this before. A picture of one of those beautiful rivers with us in Gelderland. Award-winning photographer Flip Fransen from Ubbergen has done this countless times. He has now collected a book from this huge mountain of pictures.

Maroon 5 to Govert

American band Maroon 5 will be at Nijmegen Goffertpark on Sunday, June 25, 2023. The band is known for hits like This Love, Moves Like Jagger and Payphone. The Goffertpark show is part of a series of newly announced concerts in the UK and Europe. Tickets will go on sale Friday at 10am via Ticketmaster.

New neighborhood for Uwijk

The new Hoge Woerd neighborhood will be built in Ewijk. It will become a reminder of the ancient farms that archaeologists have found on the site. Bonningen municipality made the decision to build 150 homes this week. At first, it didn’t seem like the construction would continue due to the lack of money and valuables that were still at the bottom. Those issues are now as good as they’ve been resolved, though there’s still a lot more down there, which will also preserve a good portion of the green neighborhood.

Nijmegen receives 24 million dollars from the government

The municipality of Nijmegen will receive an additional €24 million from the government to improve the infrastructure around the new construction. Without these investments, new homes will become inaccessible, literally and figuratively, according to the municipality. It concerns areas of Winkelsteeg and the new station area. About 7,500 homes will be built in these areas by 2030. The money will be used to adapt the entire infrastructure of Winkelsteeg. Accessibility around the station area will be greatly improved.

Winners only

Two photographers from Nijmegen finished second in a photo contest organized by National Geographic magazine. Paul Beckers entered this picture in the landscape category, which shows various bridges in Nijmegen. Photographer Carsten Ross entered this piercing bird in the animal category. So both pictures were a good runner-up in their respective categories.

Navarone comes out with a new album and tour

Nijmegen band, Navarone, have announced a new club tour for next spring and will also be releasing a new record. On March 3, the band will be around Meren van Haren at Dorneroje in Nijmegen. Immediately this will be the launch show for the new album, which will be called “Vijf”, spelled out by the Romanian label V. The six-week tour will conclude in Amsterdam’s Paradiso. Ticket sales have already started.

NEC 122 years old!

Today is the party on Goffert or indeed on Eendracht. On November 15, 1900, the football club Eendracht was founded. Football was an elite sport at the time and as far as we know now, Football Club Eendracht was the first football club founded by real workers and working-class boys. In April 1910, Eendracht merged with Football Club NVV from Nijmegen. The game continued as De Nijmeegse Eendracht Combinatie or NEC until the late 1930s, when NEC did not even play at its current location, but in Hazenkampseweg. It was only when Govert Stadium opened that it moved to its current location. Eendracht where both the amateur and professional branch play football has been named after this football club ever since. So we can say that this part of the current NEC celebrates its birthday today.

weather forecast

Tomorrow we will fall between two rainy areas. Tonight and tonight it will rain gently, and tomorrow evening it will rain again, but tomorrow during the day can be a good day. Temperatures rise to about 13 degrees.

Thursday also promises to be a changeable day, but the amount of rain wouldn’t be too bad. In the following days, the weather slowly calms down, but it also gets cooler, with a maximum of 7 degrees over the weekend.

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