The most unusual countries that produced Formula 1 drivers!

Many countries have built a reputation for developing Formula 1 talent, just think that Great Britain, Germany and even Finland have very little talent development potential. However, what about countries where there is Formula 1 Isn’t this an outstanding sport?


Get your passport because we go to Hungary first. A country known for the largest lake in Europe and the largest cave system. Zsolt Baumgartner made his Formula 1 debut in his home race instead of injured Ralph Ferman. He did not make a great impression and did not make it to the end. There were plans to allow him to drive to Jordan in 2004, but that failed. Something that inspired Minardi to adventure with him. His season was not that impressive, he scored a point in the US, but that was for Hungary.

Czech Republic

To stay with Europe we go to the Czech Republic. Thomas Inge was the first Czech to appear in Formula 1, in 2001. He did it for Team Prost. However, his Formula 1 stay was more disappointing than Baumgartner’s. He made his Italian Grand Prix debut to replace Luciano Porte who was recovering from an accident. His Formula One career was funded by a local Coca-Cola subsidiary, but it only lasted three races. Suzuka ended the season at his retirement. He couldn’t score any points on three weekends.


We are now changing continents and starting our Asian adventure in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur, the birthplace of our next driver, Alex Young. The Malaysian driver made his debut in the same Enge, the (2001) Italian Grand Prix of the Minardi race. He did not score points in the last three races of the season, but was selected to run for the team the following year. You have to be somewhat talented to race in Formula 1, but Yoong was not in Season 200. He failed to qualify three times because he lost his 107%. He disappeared at the end of the season and never came back.

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We’ve seen Alex Albon come out of Thailand over the past two years, but he’s one of only two drivers. The other is Birabongse Bhanudej. Known as Prince Pera of Siam, a member of the Thai royal family. Between 1950 and 1954 he entered the job 19 times. The most successful driver on our list scored eight points in the World Cup. He made his debut in the British Grand Prix and ended his Formula One career in Pedralbes, Spain. During his career, he drove for Enrico Platti, Gordini, Connaught, Maserati and Scuderia Milano.


We end our world tour in India, with England leading 1-0 in the cricket series against India Virat Kohli. Karun Chandhok has appeared regularly on television as a Sky Sports analyst, but his Formula One career has been short. Eleven startups (ten of them in HRT) yielded zero points. He followed his eleventh and final appearance in Germany with Lotus in 2011 as a test driver. Countryman Narin Karthikian was more successful with five points in 48 matches, although this includes a disqualified qualifier in Bahrain in 2012 with HRT.

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