The Motorsport Australia boss defends the best talented Masi

Australian motorsport boss Eugene Aroca has stepped down for Michael Massick, who lost his job as Formula 1 race director on February 17. “He’s really a great talent,” Aroka says.

Prior to switching to Formula 1, Masi worked as a race director in the Australian Class V8 Supercars, but when Charlie Whiting died he was in charge of the race director in Formula 1 and was race director for three years. Director of Formula 1 Racing. After the final race of 2021, he was particularly condemned by Mercedes, which led to Masi losing his job, which Aroca did not think was fair.

“It’s very easy to criticize from the side. In a situation like this, other ethnic directors are completely panicked. He made a decision from the quiet.

Return to Australia

Aroka therefore insists that Masi is most welcome in Australia to pick up her old job. “He’s a unique talent and it would be a shame not to use it. So we keep the door open,” he said. Speed ​​Cafe

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