The municipality begins a tender for the redesign of Sportpark De Diemen

Dimen – The municipality will soon begin tender for the redevelopment of Sportpark De Diemen. The municipality expects to start work at the beginning of the summer. The goal is to have the renovation work ready by the end of the summer of 2021. The athletes can then use the new facilities in a beautiful green sports park on the edge of Plantage de Snipe.

The redesign of the sports park will provide space for two full hockey fields for Hockey Club Diemen, a stadium for the SV Zeeburg handball club, SV Diemen will have a half soccer field of artificial turf and a beach court suitable for various sports. Over time, about 800 other athletes will be able to use the sports park.

The municipal executive approved the final design on March 2. A number of modifications were made to this based on the wishes and comments of the associations and the local population as a result of the initial design. For example, there will be more green spaces in the sports park, the new bridge will be moved to a different location, more space for bicycle parking will be made and rainwater used to water the water fields for the hockey club.

The result of the reorganization is that TIW-Survivors baseball and softball club must move to Amsterdam.

The municipality has informed local residents via an awareness letter about the preparatory work, which will start today soon. “Japanese knotweed was removed on the southern edge of the sports park in mid-December 2020. Currently, the usury plant is also being removed on the other side of the trench at the Bantar site. Preparatory work will start this week to make regeneration possible. For example, trees are being felled. And add the tax, “according to the residents’ message.

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Bidding will start soon.

The final design can be viewed at

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