The municipality begins preparations for the acquisition of Taj Gharb – Jinymoden

Work is currently underway in the Tag-West residential area of ​​Genemuiden. When the residential area is ready, the municipality of Zwartewaterland will take over the maintenance and management of the public spaces from developer Heutink. In preparation for this acquisition, the municipality wants to map the effects of the new area on soil and groundwater.

Taj West is built on former agricultural land. Therefore, the area was significantly raised before the establishment of the residential area. Through the study, the municipality would like to learn about the potential impacts on the area due to the construction of houses, and also through the construction of roads, sidewalks and street lighting.

and share experiences

“We want to manage public spaces as much as possible. This is why it is important to have a good understanding of the current situation in advance. And the impact of building streets and houses on groundwater for example.” “We do this in part through our own research. But we also invite residents of Tag West to share their experiences.”

Taj West residents receive a questionnaire by mail. Based on these questions, they can tell if they are currently experiencing a nuisance from water or moisture. Or they have taken action against this themselves. In this way, the municipality can monitor the groundwater around homes in the area. Other parts of the public space, such as roads, sidewalks and street lighting, can be inspected by the municipality itself.

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