The municipality contributes 15,000 to the tennis playoffs in Southwalda, there is also a demand with the county

The municipality of De Wolden is paying €15,000 to organize the play-off matches of the 2023 Dutch Men’s Tennis Championships. The Dutch Eredivisie qualifiers will then take place in Zuidwolde in TC Suthwalda. The province of Drenthe has also been approached to contribute €15,000.

Messrs. Southwalda are now the Dutch champions for two consecutive seasons. Because of the tournament, Southwalda is committed to organizing the playoffs in 2023. It is a major national event with a large number of visitors and possibly national television. This means that temporary bleachers and all kinds of other facilities have to be built in and around the tennis park. Southwalda does not bear the costs of this alone, so the application was submitted to the municipality, among other things, for the financial contribution.

passive and active

According to the municipal executive, the organization of this title fight fits with the municipal sport’s ambitions and exercise policy. “In the note on sports and exercise, we noted that we place great value on passive and active participation in sports and exercise by our residents,” Jet College says.

The performances had a positive effect on the tennis club in Zuidwolde. The number of members is increasing and two new stadiums have just been built.

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