The municipality does not intervene in housing overcrowding and other violations; Challenges the sand conservation zone plan

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These houses are some ten centimeters higher than what is allowed under the zonal plan. The municipality has now submitted a new zoning plan to legalize high-rise housing, but according to Marco van der Moulen of the Duinbehout Foundation, it is the opposite world. “If you set the rules and someone violates them, it seems very logical to me that you take action. But it won’t happen.”

The Doon Conservation Foundation has submitted an opinion against the new zoning plan. Houses may go unused until there is a new zoning plan.

The problem is widespread

According to Van der Moulen, although these houses are, in his own words, ‘stumbling’, the problem is broader. “The municipality itself does not adequately represent the interests of nature and the interests of holiday makers and is fully committed to supporting entrepreneurs. But nature and especially the experience of nature are the victims.”

There are other examples of green belts being created outside the camp. “Such a green piece is mandatory, but the municipality allowed a camp owner to build outside the site, in nature. This is actually an extension of the camp site!”

“It messes everything up!”

But in the eyes of the Dunebehout Foundation, these houses are the biggest culprits. According to Van der Moulen, these houses destroy vision. “As a holiday maker, when you walk or cycle through nature, you’re here for that natural experience. Then you should not see things like this, or worse. It confuses everything!”

In addition, homes emit extra nitrogen at a natural location where already high levels of nitrogen have accumulated. “The purpose is to ensure that these homes are used not only in the summer but throughout the year. This creates additional traffic. Of course, they need to be heated in the winter. All of this leads to higher nitrogen emissions.”

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‘Very severe’

He has now gone to the press in the hope that it will finally break the deadlock. “Anyway, we want to focus on this matter, so the municipality can be very strict on these kinds of things. Because you can not accept everything, because: It’s okay. Because if you set the rules, you have to stay that way.”

Marco van der Mullen of the Dunebehout Foundation Most Vacation Homes About Renes

The camp owner does not want to act in front of the camera, but indicates that the houses have been placed in close consultation with the municipality. Van der Moulen says he has no conflict with the camp owner. “I care about the municipality, it has to follow its own rules. Until the municipality changes, everyone can only do their thing.”


The municipality says it does not want to respond because it is about a vision of a zoning plan that has not yet been discussed. The municipality will not comment until the procedure is completed.

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