The municipality helps De Paal artists in their search for a new space

Artists who have their own studio in the business park De Bale in Almere Haven You must leave to build new homes, and receive help from the municipality. This was announced by the Mayor’s Council and members of the House of Representatives.

After the SP submitted written questions to the municipality’s executive, the municipality of Almere announced that it would assist 11 artists in the De Paal Business park in their search for an alternative workplace. SP believes that art and culture are an important investment in the living environment of Merders.

The council agrees and says that artists from Almyra contribute to the dynamics and diversity of cultural and social life. For this reason, the municipality will assist artists in finding a suitable studio space. The municipality will inform the artists about the available properties and will refer them to the landlords.

Housing construction

Due to new construction plans for the De Paal mall in Haven, the artists will have to leave the studio in the Dateq building at the end of this year. The building will be demolished next January to build new homes.

The artists themselves were already looking for another place of work, but without financial support it was difficult. Since the opportunity to get a new and affordable place is not great at this time, they asked the municipality for help.

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