The municipality of Nderwirt offers more building space

There is a huge demand for housing. The municipality of Nderwirt wants to speed up housing construction. So the municipality of Nderwirt wants to make it possible, under certain conditions, to build a house in built-up areas. “The current policy does not offer this option if the zoning plan does not directly allow housing construction ببناءColin Alderman said.By amending the policy, we meet the wishes of residents and initiators.The council will consider the proposal on July 20.

Building space in Nederweert

what is the reason?
The Mayor, Member of Parliament and Council has previously drawn up a favorite scenario for housing construction in Nderwirt. This scenario depends, among other things, on an adequate and accelerated construction of its population. The new policy rule contributes to this.

What are the participating sites?
Primarily, this concerns places in the built-up area where previously people could build a house with a special exemption or modification of the zoning plan. In many places, this option has ended due to the so-called organization of management. With the new policy, the mayor and council members now want to make space again to build a home in these places. “These are places that have been identified in principle as suitable sites in the past“Given the high demand for housing, these are logical places to use them now,” said Colin Alderman.

There are also locations in the cores that do not fall into this category, but nonetheless could be a logical place to build a house. The municipality also wants to create space for housing there in the long term. “We will first define the conditions for thisColin Alderman said.The municipality is considering some form of compensation in connection with increasing fossilization in the cores and increasing the value of the sites. We aim to have the arrangement ready for this by the end of 2021“.

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What are the applicable conditions?
Research shows that due to the aging population, there is an increasing need for housing for the elderly. It is therefore important that suitable homes for this target group be built now and in the future. The municipality therefore sets the condition that the house is life-cycle resistant. By this they mean that the kitchen, living room, sanitary facilities and at least one bedroom are located on the ground floor.

All costs associated with the construction plan are for the initiator’s account. This relates, for example, to the costs of investigations to obtain an environmental permit. It is important that studies show that the site meets an acceptable living and living climate (eg soil, noise and odor studies).

When and what is the validity period of the regulation?
If the city council approves the proposal on July 20, the scheme will run for two years. Then we will consider whether there is a need to continue the scheme. After the council’s decision, the municipality will personally inform the landowners of the possibilities.

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