The municipality of Steenwijkerland makes room for traditions at the end of the year

With the end of the year comes tradition. to the municipality Steinwickerland This also includes New Year’s Eve houses and carbide shooting. The municipality has established a number of rules for this.

Carbide shooting

Carbid photography is only permitted on New Year’s Eve from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The milk cartons used must have a maximum capacity of 50 liters. Within built-up areas, carbide firing is permitted only at designated locations. Check out the Municipal website for more information. Carbide firing is permitted outside built-up areas on private land (with owner’s consent).


Fireworks may only be set off between December 31, 6 PM and January 1, 2 AM. There is only one firework-free zone in Steenwijkerland municipality. This is Rams Werthy Park in Stenwick. This was deliberately chosen to protect the animals in the park. In an area without fireworks, it is illegal to set off fireworks.

Atmospheric fire

An atmospheric fire is permitted, but only in an outdoor fireplace, garden fireplace, barbecue, or fire pit. Garden lights are also allowed. Painted or impregnated wood, treated wood, trim, waste or cardboard are not allowed to be burned. It is not recommended to make a fire in foggy or windy weather.

New Year’s Eve houses in the municipality

A New Year’s cottage is a (mobile), container (marine), trailer or (breakfast) cottage that can be placed in public places during the Christmas and New Year period. An exemption is required for this. scan the website for more information.

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