The municipality wants to open public buildings in Jordan as toilets during King’s Day

The municipality is in talks to open municipal properties in Jordan as public toilets during King’s Day. According to the council, additional toilets cannot be placed in the neighborhood due to space constraints.

Aldermans Turia Miliani (Juveniles) and Melanie van der Horst (Public Spaces) informed the council about this. D66 and VVD asked the College questions in response to a story written by AT5 about Angry Jordanians On many wild counterparts during King’s Day.

Wild looks a ‘point for improvement’

During King’s Day, the municipality set up 275 public toilets in the center and south. Due to the high number of complaints, the council considers public urination in the city center to be a “point of improvement” for next year’s King’s Day. It may not be possible to use many additional toilets. “In Jordan, the municipality reaches an extent that can be placed on the street from toilets in the public space,” said a member of the municipal council.

This is why the discussion is now taking place on whether it is possible to open toilets on municipal properties for people who need them most. “The condition is that this be within walking distance of the busiest street in Jordan during King’s Day.” These are, for example, Westerstraat and Elandsgracht.

Many complaints from the south

According to the municipality, Jordan wasn’t the only neighborhood that had a lot of urinating in public. Many complaints were also received from the south, especially at the Olympic Stadium and Rye. Additional toilets have already been installed there this year, but the municipality will see if more toilets can be installed next King’s Day.

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