The municipality was unable to find a new location for Deelkring Lent

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Nijmegen municipality can’t find a new location for Deelkring Lent, the foundation that aims to share goods and services for free and give a listening ear to people who are going through a hard time. The organization that has been around since 2014 is in danger of becoming homeless because it is not yet possible to find a suitable new place.

There is no space

The Lent region has been using a greenhouse on the Dijkstraat for several years now. This place is privately owned and the organization needs to get out of here in a few months. The foundation contacted the municipality for help in finding a new location. However, this does not appear to work, the board said in response to questions from D66 and GroenLinks on the matter. “Given the current and projected number of children in Nijmegen-North, the pressure on schools and available square metres is great. So a solution in schools will always be temporary and potentially costly. We have reached out to a few schools that we thought might have places available, but unfortunately To no avail. Unfortunately, there are also no options to accommodate a Deelkring Lent in one of our community centers. In addition, there is currently no space for housing in strategic buildings in Nijmegen-Noord. With the completion of the Waalsprong development, this municipality-owned stock or is under development.”

‘hard head’

Alderman Bert Velthuis (SP) acknowledges that the Foundation is a “social value-added initiative” and regrets the situation. “It is of course a very demanding process for this group. We offer to continue to help as best we can. But we also rely on other institutions to provide assistance. Nijmegen-Noord has very few facilities to accommodate these types of clubs. I find it difficult to find on the site for it.” The Foundation is currently receiving a small grant. The municipal council member cannot yet determine whether the municipality can also lend a hand in financing a project that will be provided by the foundation itself. “That depends on the suggestion they came up with.”

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“I hope and expect that the municipality will arrange a new place”

Respondent Marijic Senhive (D66) is disappointed with the answers given by the college. “We build hundreds of houses in Nijmegen-Noord every year, but there must also be enough attention to the social facilities in the heart of this neighbourhood. We had hoped and expected that the municipality would arrange a new venue for the Deelkring Lent. It is an initiative that has become an integral part of Lent and it is making a difference. So we will enter into a discussion with the college to see what is possible.”

Don’t see it as ‘no’ for sure.

Deelkring Treasurer Lent Thomas Klijn notes that he is disappointed by this signal from the municipality, but remains positive. “I don’t see this as a sure ‘no’. We just want to continue, I feel this responsibility to people who know where to find us every week and who in some cases contribute to the fight against poverty. I realize Nijmegen-Noord is a complex area to find space, but it seems to be It has been forgotten that as this area grows, there is also a greater need for initiatives and meeting places. It should not become a neighborhood of unknowns. We are open to alternative solutions, even if we have to shift focus because we have less space at our disposal. We are making full use of the space we have. Now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be flexible. This way we can also share the space with other part-time initiatives, or also consider organizing activities. The meeting is also just as important as things. So we definitely plan to continue talking with the municipality to find out what It is possible. And even if we are temporarily without a place, it does not mean that we have disappeared from the face of the earth.”

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