The Nacon MG-X turns your phone into a handheld Xbox | reconsidering

With Xbox Game Pass, a huge library of full console games can now be played via the cloud. A few touch controls can be played, but for games like Halo, Forza Horizon 4, and Rainbow Six Siege, you really need a controller. You can, of course, connect a separate console (Xbox), but those looking for the convenience of a true portable device have come to the right place with the Nacon MG-X.

from Nakon MG-X It works in principle with any Android game that supports a controller, but the manufacturer is primarily promoting use with Game Pass. After all, these games make the most of the console. The MG-X has the Xbox branding, and the box is officially labeled “Designed for Xbox”. With matte black plastic, it fits perfectly with the Xbox family.

It’s funny that the design is more reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch. You can move the console parts apart a bit, put your phone in the middle, connect it to bluetooth, and you’re ready to play. Nacon claims for unclear reasons that the controller is suitable for phones with a maximum screen size of 6.7 inches, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ with a diagonal of 6.8 inches fits easily in practice.

The sturdy sliding mechanism holds your phone firmly. In fact, this mechanism is so powerful that you have to be careful when you take your phone out again. Before you know it, the finger is stuck – the site below speaks from experience. Moreover, the console is cleverly designed. Thanks to the rubber casing on the inside, you don’t have to worry about your phone getting damaged. The circular design also leaves some space behind the phone, so that it loses its heat a bit. Also useful: the stretched plastic is a little thinner, so there is a little more room behind the phone on the left. So, even a thick camera island shouldn’t be a problem.

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The buttons and analog sticks feel solid, the back offers plenty of grip thanks to the rubberized surface and the controller is very light.

With the phone in place, you really have what looks like an Xbox in your hands, with all the buttons normally found on an official console — including the Xbox button. To keep the console compact and portable, some modifications were made. The buttons are of course smaller and the analog sticks are a bit ‘flat’, but the triggers in particular are really different from what we’re used to. They can be pressed to a much lesser degree than triggers on a regular console. In order to be able to take the dose correctly, they provide much greater resistance. It takes some getting used to, but it works great in practice.

There’s not much to argue about the MG-X. The buttons and analog sticks feel solid, the back offers plenty of grip thanks to the rubberized finish and the controller is very light. Complete with the phone, so the whole is very comfortable in the hand. The Nacon MG-X is just the perfect offering for cloud gaming with Game Pass. It doesn’t matter if the TV is on or if you’re on the go. With this controller, you can play on your phone just as easily.

That said, the console is still pretty big without a phone. That’s why you don’t put it in your pocket easily, but size is not an issue in a backpack. It can also be annoying that you cannot charge your phone while gaming. After all, the USB port is almost always at the bottom of the phone, and the sides are blocked. On some devices, this may also cause some issues with the speakers. The controller battery itself lasts about twenty hours, so that shouldn’t be a problem. It’s also good to know that the console really only works with Android. So unfortunately, iPhone owners have to look for more.

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although Nakon MG-X Not quite perfect, Halo with this console finally looks almost as familiar as it does on Xbox. We really can’t give a bigger compliment.

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