The name is required for a refurbished roof

The roof between the Spoorpark Kiosk and Scouting Esjeeka building has undergone a major transformation in recent months. The space is equipped with a lockable fence along the entire length and inside the space is divided into one large multifunctional area and three smaller spaces.

The large multifunctional space is equipped with low booths on which visitors can sit, for example to follow a presentation, attend a meeting (networking) or for educational purposes. The space is also particularly suitable for, for example, a pop-up exhibition, small-scale musical performance, play, dance, or other desired use. Everything is possible in consultation.

Renovation work is being carried out by michaels b It will be completed soon. The space was designed by the building’s architect, Tgerd Timmermans.

Workshop and storage space
Three smaller spaces are created at the back of the large space. A workshop will be set up at one of the venues where volunteers from Spoorpark can do all kinds of garden maintenance jobs. Other areas are used to store materials.

I am looking for a suitable name

We are still looking for a suitable name for the new multifunctional space. Do you have a good idea of ​​what we might call the space in the water box? Email your proposal to [email protected] From all the entries, we will then choose three visitors to the park to vote for, after which the final name will be announced during the ceremonial opening of the roof in March.

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